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Be a Host to a Japanese Exchange Student this Summer!

Host a Japanese student this summer for the Explore Japan Exchange Program 2017

This summer, Japan comes to your home!

We are looking for host families for short (2.5 week) exchange program this summer Late July – Early August.

What: Host a Japanese high school student for 2.5 weeks as they attend a cultural and language exchange program in Milton, MA. Have a culturally enriching experience as you host a student from Japan for this short summer program as they discover and explore Boston and its surroundings!

When: Late July to Early August

Girls Program: July 24th – Aug 9th Boys Program: July 27th- Aug 13th

Location: Main campus is in Milton, MA, but many cultural activities take place in Eastern Massachusetts and Boston.

Basic Requirements: 

– You may host either or a boy or a girl high school student from Japan.

– Provide transportation for your Japanese student to and from the program each morning (~9 am) and pick up in the late afternoon (~appx. 4 pm)

– Provide food and a safe, clean household for your student (for specific details, please contact us below)

Interested in Hosting? Any questions? Contact:

– For more details on the expectations for hosts or for any other questions, please contact: (617) 996-0622 or

Other Opportunities:

– There is also are limited work opportunities for your child to be student-staff for our program and either earn a small stipend or community service credit. For more details, please contact: (617) 996-0622 or

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