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Japanese interpreter for 1.5 months on a ship

We received the following job posting from a contact in Houston. It’s not the job for everyone, but it could also be an incredible experience for the right person. I’m not aware of the organization so please make any queries directly to them: We are looking for a male English-Japanese interpreter to work on a ship for about 1.5 month of the coast of Japan transporting a drilling rig from Korea to Russia. The interpretation will be for Japanese-speaking deep water divers, who do not speak English well. We are looking for a younger guy, possible here in the US who can work during summer time, possibly student. The pay is in the range of low to mid 3-digit number in $US per day for 7-day week. Transportation, meal, accommodations, etc. is paid by the Company.

If you have any qualified candidates please let me know.

Best regards Mark Krasnov Universe Technical Translation, Inc.

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