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Job: Operations Manager, Japan, Boston Technologies (Japanese Speaker)

Operations Manager, Japan Boston Technologies


The Operations Manager is responsible for organizing and coordinating business and office operations and procedures in order to ensure organizational effectiveness and efficiency. This position reports to the Managing Director, located at Boston Technologies’ headquarter in Boston, MA, USA. 


1. General

  1. Maintain office services and efficiency

  2. Design and implement office policies

  3. Establish standards and procedures

  4. Organize office operations and procedures

  5. Supervise office staff

  6. Review and approve supply requisitions

  7. Liaise with other agencies, organizations and groups with regards to operations and other business matters

  8. Maintain office equipment

  9. Perform clerical and secretarial functions

  10. Orient and train employees

2. Administration & Accounting

  1. Maintain office records 

  2. Ensure files are maintained and up to date

  3. Define and implement procedures for record retention

  4. Ensure protection and security of files and electronic records

  5. Administer payroll and other accounting functions 

3. Office Efficiency 

  1. Plan and implement office systems, layout and equipment procurement

  2. Maintain and replenish inventory, determine, administer, and enforce budgets

  3. Check stock to determine inventory levels

  4. Anticipate needed supplies

  5. Verify receipt of supply

4. Corporate & Client Communications

  1. Set up legal/compliance framework for Japan business operations

  2. Communication with corporate headquarters

  3. Provide period update on Japan operations to corporate management team

  4. Communication with customers

  5. Japanese/English Translation of documents and contracts 

  6. On an as-needed basis, provide support to all pre and post-sales activities

5. Perform other related duties as required

Please send resume/CV to Linda Melchione’s attention: lmelchione [at] bostontechnologies [dot] com

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