Maruichi Japanese Grocery and Deli Evening Shift Supervisor

Maruichi Japanese Grocery and Deli is looking for a bilingual (English and Japanese) Evening Shift Supervisor Position. This position comes with medical benefits and is a full-time job. Maruichi is a rapidly growing company, so the potential for growth within the company is large.

The details are as follows:

Title: Evening Shift Supervisor


- Must be bilingual in English and Japanese (preferably at least N2 proficiency).

- Must have familiarity with Japanese food, groceries, and food traditions relating to holidays.

- Strongly prefer candidates with customer service experience

- Strongly prefer candidates with leadership experience

- Be available to work weekday evenings and one weekend day per week


- Handle customer service interactions with both Japanese and English speaking customers as they arise to find equitable resolutions.

- Be able to use standard Tokyo customer service keigo when interacting with Japanese customers.

- Lead the other team members to serving customers in a courteous and efficient manner

- Lead the other team members in stocking and organizing during slow times

- Be able to communicate important issues to the Store Manager as necessary

- Close the store, count down the cash drawers, and lock up


- Salary is commensurate with experience, starting at $15.00/hr for staff with no background. - Medical Benefits/ Health Insurance

- Paid sick leave

- Store discounts

Growth Potential:

- Skilled staff with excellent product knowledge may be asked to become a purchaser. This position interacts with Japanese wholesale distribution companies. This requires business proficiency in Japanese and basic understanding of Japanese business culture. Salary raise commensurate with increased responsibilities.

-Excellent leaders may be asked to take on management responsibilities at new Maruichi locations. We opened 2 new locations in 2020 and are on track for 3 more in 2021.

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