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Opportunity: Run to be a JETAA USA Country Representative

A message from Jessyca Livingston of RMJETAA:

The time is upon us to gear up for Country Representative elections! I will be serving as your Elections Officer for these elections again this year.All three JETAA USA CR positions will be available, as they are every year. Current CRs are welcome to run again and we also welcome and encourage new folks to run. I am happy to speak with anyone interested in running to discuss what the position entails, responsibilities involved and generally how the CRs and Advisory Board function together as a team. I’m sure any of the current CRs would be happy to speak to you about this as well. It is a very fulfilling experience and as a CR you will have the opportunity to support JETAA endeavors on a national scale while working with some fantastic people engaged in US-Japan relations.You can read about the election process and requirements in detail in our Bylaws (Article IX / pg 6). You can also see the relevant documents and general information in the CR Elections portion of our website. Here are the Cliff’s Notes version of requirements to in order to be considered as a CR candidate:

A candidate for the position of JETAA USA CR must be:

  1. an alum of the JET Program;

  2. a registered member of a US Chapter;

  3. in good standing with their member chapter;

  4. a current or past duly-elected or non-elected officer of a local chapter who has served at least one complete term at the local chapter level; the candidate does not necessarily have to currently reside in the area where s/he was a chapter officer

  5. have attended at least one National Conference as a conference delegate.

I’ll follow up next week with platform submission information and relevant documents. And again, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

-Jessyca Livingston (RMJETAA) JETAA USA Advisory Board Member

JETAA USA CR 2010-2012

E: jessyca dot livingston at gmail dot com

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