Past Forward: An Evening of Traditional Japanese Arts

Past Forward: An Evening of Traditional Japanese Arts

(part of Dance Saturdays at the Sanctuary series)

Saturday, March 23rd, 7pm

Sanctuary Theatre, at Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre

400 Harvard St. Cambridge, MA 02138

General Admission: $35 (available online)

Children and students w/ID: $25 (at box office. Not available online)

Experience the mystique of Japan through beautiful traditional dance and music, fierce martial arts and exquisite visual arts.

Masters of traditional Japanese dance, music and the arts will gather at this dynamic event to showcase the beauty of Japanese culture. Do not miss this rare opportunity to see authentic kabuki dance and listen to the elegant sounds of koto and shakuhachi and powerful taiko drumming. Experience the martial arts of the samurai through karate, kendo and kobudo performances.

During the intermission, you will have the opportunity to meet  some of the artists and other aficionados of Japanese traditional arts while tasting some delicious Japanese foods and drinks. Visit the gallery displaying beautiful kimono, calligraphy and ikebana flower arrangements, and try on the yukata, or Japanese traditional dress.

The current lineup (not in order):

Michiko Kurata (Hanayagi Sukekatsumi) – kabuki, geisha and traditional Japanese dance

Minako Itamoto (Fujima Umehana) – nihonbuyo (dance)

Stephen Long – shishimai (lion dance)

Cathleen Read (Ayakano) – koto (zither)

Claudia Erland – koto (zither)

Geni Skendo – shakuhachi (bamboo flute)

Kanoko Kamata – shamisen (string instrument)

Eden Rayz – cello

Odaiko New England – taiko (drum)

Kodokan Boston – karate & kobudo (martial arts)

Callahan’s Karate – kenpo (martial arts)

Boston Kendo Kyokai – kendo (martial arts)

Michiko Imai – shodo (calligraphy)


TBDi – ikebana (flower arrangement)

Izumi Noguchi – kimono collection

Ara Mahar – kimono collection

Kiyomi Yatsuhashi – aizome (indigo dye art)

It will be an amazing evening of stunning beauty and powerful energy. If you like Japanese culture, don’t miss this opportunity to connect with other appreciators of Japanese arts. If you’re not familiar with Japanese culture, don’t miss this chance to experience this incredible event that brings together artists from all aspects of traditional Japanese arts.

This evening will not be possible without the amazing performers. Support the artists by making a contribution that will go directly to them. Any amount is appreciated:

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