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Resident Assistant job at Showa Boston

Resident Assistant (RA) Position at Showa Boston Institute

Immediate Supervisor:  Resident Services Coordinator

Position Summary:

• Live-in position mentoring and supporting predominately female, Japanese study-abroad students at an academic-residential campus.

• Provide diverse, individual, and group learning opportunities for students to communicate in English and become more familiar with American culture.

• Position is non-paid, residential, part-time position.  Full room and board and use of facilities are provided in exchange for services.

RA’s work an average of 10-12 hours a week, predominately evenings and weekends, in exchange for private room with a private bath, full meal plan, use of campus facilities (including pool, Jacuzzi, and computer lab), free parking, wireless internet, discounted Japanese lessons on campus, and free shuttle bus (Showa to/from Reservoir T stop)

General responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

• Be available and accessible to students and regularly interact with both wing residents and the Showa Boston community.

• Create a welcoming, safe residential environment.

• Care for students when they need help, including assisting with medical issues as directed by Student Services staff.

• Perform overnight duty as the RA on-call as assigned, approximately 3 times per month.

• Plan, facilitate, and chaperone events for students both on and off campus.

• Facilitate one program/activity per month minimum.

• Participate in Showa Boston community events, held both on and off campus.

• Prepare for, help coordinate, and participate in group arrivals and departures.

• Lead and actively participate in all orientation activities for each incoming group, including but not limited to: Group Arrival, Campus Tour, Welcome Party, City Tour, and Coolidge Corner Tour (all activities typically happen within the first 5 days of arrival).

• Change and update wing bulletin board at least once per semester.

• Hold regular, posted office hours for students.

• Share information with Student Services staff regarding students’ welfare on a regular basis.

• Submit detailed monthly reports to the Resident Services Coordinator.

• Participate in all Resident Assistant staff meetings, including Monday evenings from 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm.

• Participate in Resident Assistant in-service learning workshops.

• Meet weekly with wing co-RA to collaborate on wing activities and budget. 

• Meet weekly with wing leaders.

• Meet with co-RA and Resident Services Coordinator as needed.

• Other duties may be assigned based on the needs of the Student Services Department at Showa Boston.


• Native English speaker

• BA/BS degree preferred

• Previous Residence Life and/or Student Life experience preferred

• Interest in and/or experience with international or intercultural education preferred

• Interest in and/or experience with Japanese culture a plus 

Send resumes to:

Judy Walter, SPHR

Showa Institute for Language and Culture

420 Pond Street

Boston MA 02130

jwalter at showaboston dot edu

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