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Winter 2022 Elections

Place your vote here!

Online Voting Instructions and Rules:

1. Each NEJETAA member is entitled to cast one ballot only.

2. You have the option to vote for a single candidate or abstain for each position

3. This poll will be open from its posting on January 30th, 2022, until 11:59PM EST on February 6th, 2022.

To be an eligible NEJETAA member (required to vote), you must:

1. Be an alumnus/alumna of the JET Program

2. Currently reside in the New England region (CT, RI, VT, NH, ME, or MA)


Josephine C for President:

Hi everyone! My name is Josephine and I want to be re-elected as your NEJETAA President! I returned from Japan in 2017 after 2 awesome years in Kumamoto where I taught at Arao’s largest elementary school, which had a notorious reputation across the prefecture as having the most difficult and cute students. I moved to Massachusetts shortly after I finished my time on the JET program, and I became a member of the NEJETAA board in November 2017.

In the past 3 years, I’ve had the honour and privilege to serve as your President. I have learned a lot about NEJETAA, gotten to know you guys better, and worked hard on my goal to build a stronger New England JET community and make new connections with Japanese related organizations in New England.

Although the past two years of the pandemic have been very challenging for everyone, it has also highlighted new tools which we can use to bring people together and strengthen our chapter. Moving forward, I’d like to continue hosting virtual events, such as our highly successful Meet the Author and Tea Appreciation events to make our activities more accessible to everyone. I’d also like to host more events outside of Boston, such as our visit to the Tower Hill Botanical Garden in central MA so that we can connect in person with more of our members.

As your President, I want to continue expanding chapter membership and participation by continuing to introduce new events and leverage new resources. Moving forward, I think we can also collaborate our events and activities with other JET alumni chapters and Japanese community associations in New England to build on the momentum that we established pre-COVID to make NEJETAA better than ever. Thank you for your consideration!


Kayla Potter for Membership Coordinator:


I’m Kayla Potter. I spent three wonderful years (2012-2015) in Aki City, Kochi Prefecture where I worked at 7 elementary schools and 2 middle schools, all while taking in gorgeous ocean views.

Over the last several years, I’ve moved to Boston, finished my graduate studies in international higher education, and have spent the past 5 years working as an international student advisor. Once again, I am reminded of the importance of growing your networks. I would be honored to continue working with the NEJETAA board as your new Membership Coordinator!

As Membership Coordinator, my goal is to make NEJETAA more accessible to JET alum throughout New England. During my time in Kochi, my fellow JETs became a vital social and professional network. I hope to work with the other NEJETAA Board members to better reach alumni throughout the New England region and help those alumni continue to strengthen both the NEJETAA community and their own professional networks. Our membership rolls and new member outreach efforts need updated and made more user-friendly. Additionally, I hope to see the NEJETAA Facebook page and our regional state pages to become a more active place for community, coordination, and discussion.

I hope to meet each and every one of you in the coming year!

Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

Sabrina Cramer for Webmaster:

Hi! My name is Sabrina and I'd love to continue being your webmaster! I spent an amazing year in Gunma Prefecture from 2015-2016. After returning from Japan, I represented NEJETAA at various events such as the annual JET Q&A at the Boston Children's Museum and JET Pre-Departure Orientation before moving South.

While living in North Carolina, I was an area chapter lead and the Social Media Coordinator for JETAASE, before taking over as secretary for a year. I established their Instagram presence, updated the website, and led recruitment events. I have been maintaining JETAA websites for 3 years now using several platforms, Wix and Squarespace, and am very tech savvy. I look forward to continuing to update NEJETAA's website, newsletters, and social media accounts!

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