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Online Voting Instructions and Rules:

1. Each NEJETAA member is entitled to cast one ballot only.

2. You have the option to vote for a single candidate or abstain for each position

3. This poll will be open from its posting on June 15th, 2021, until 11:59PM EST on July 1st, 2021.

To be an eligible NEJETAA member (required to vote), you must:

1. Be an alumnus/alumna of the JET Program

2. Currently reside in the New England region (CT, RI, VT, NH, ME, or MA)

3. Be in good standing with NEJETAA


Giuliana Alfinito for Vice-President:

Hi everyone, my name is Giuliana—I’m currently your Vice President of the New England JET Alumni Association (NEJETAA) and I am running for re-election. I lived in Shingu-shi, Wakayama-ken from 2017 to 2018.This last year has been one unlike any other. As we move forward into summer, many of us look forward to reuniting with our fellow JET alumni for in-person events. However, as we’ve learned over the course of the pandemic, hosting virtual get-togethers can help create a more accessible and inclusive member base, especially for those of us who lead busy lives, live far from our hub in Boston, or who have families. As your Vice President, I will work to ensure that we maintain a balance between both types of events, so that we continue to connect with the broader NEJETAA community. As your representative, I welcome any feedback, ideas, or thoughts you may have about NEJETAA can best serve you. Feel free to email me at we seen one another again soon, but on-screen and off! よろしくお願いします! -Giuliana Alfinito

Matt Castle for Social Chair:

Hi all, I’m Matt Castle and I’m running for re-election as Social Chair! I was an ALT in Yamanashi-ken from 2011-2013. Prior to my current stint as social chair, I previously served on NEJETAA’s executive board from 2013 to 2018, including 3 terms as Vice President. During this past year on the board, I’ve helped in planning numerous events, from our Shinnenkai, Virtual Tea Tasting, to the meet the Author events, and game nights.

As Social Chair, I plan to continue to prioritize events that allow NEJETAA to reach out to members throughout all of New England. In the short term, I intend on continuing Zoom/online video social events that we started during the pandemic. These digital events have been great in allowing us to engage our membership without regards to geography. As we move into the summer, I’m also planning to find ways for us to safely gather in person, particularly through things like hiking and other forms of outdoor gatherings. I’m also looking to resume our annual ski trip this winter, though the form it will take will be dependent on the course the pandemic takes in the fall and after. I look forward to continuing to serve you all as your Social Chair for another year.

Jesse Kerstetter for Treasurer:

I've been the NEJETAA Treasurer for three years. I would like to continue my work as Treasurer and continue my involvement and support of our chapter. I hope to continue to build upon the institutional knowledge I have for this position working with our local NEJETAA leaders and community, as well as the larger JETAA community and CLAIR. Having relocated to Providence in the past year, I'm interested in seeing how the JETAA community will continue to grow and form across New England. I served as an ALT in Odate-shi, Akita-ken from 2006-2010. Thank you for your consideration ~ よろしくおねがいします!

Have you been thinking about getting more involved in NEJETAA, but you’re not sure how? Do you want to make friends, stay connected to your time on JET, and be involved in the Japan community in Boston? Now is your chance!

We are asking for platforms of all interested candidates to be submitted for review by our membership. If you’re interested in joining the NEJETAA board, please submit a platform!

What we need: *Less than 200 words *Self-introduction, including where and when you were on JET *What you want to accomplish in your time as an officer

Please don’t include any sensitive personal information (phone number, email, etc.), as your platform will be posted online for the membership to read. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just introduce yourself to everyone and tell us what you want to do! Check out platforms from last year’s spring elections here.

Members will be voting for Vice-President, Treasurer, and Social Chair (refer to officer duties listed below).

Positions are normally for a one year term, no term limits. Officers are expected to attend as many of the executive meetings (held as necessary) and general meetings per year as possible, with 50% attendance as a minimum.

The NEJETAA Officers Position Descriptions:

1. Vice President The VP provides both leadership and follow-through on projects planned during meetings, and makes sure that we are fulfilling all our obligations as a JETAA chapter. In addition, the VP is the point person for any NEJETAA sub chapters in New England. Another important responsibility of the VP’s is to provide support to all the other officers. Specifically, this means: working with the membership/ marketing coordinator to increase and track membership; taking on the duties of the president when the president is unavailable; and balancing the powers of the treasurer by checking our bank account. Finally, the VP will prepare the agenda for all NEJETAA general and officer meetings.

2. Treasurer The treasurer plans the annual budget in conjunction with all officers. The treasurer oversees any and all grant requests. The treasurer submits an initial grant request to MOFA in February and to CLAIR in May, and follow up reports and receipt submissions to CLAIR in February and to MOFA quarterly. The treasurer maintains and balances the bank account; collects receipts and writes checks for any chapter expenses, and deposits any checks received within two weeks. The treasurer oversees the obtaining of price quotes and reminds officers of the budget for specific activities. The treasurer oversees any other account or platform (Paypal, etc.) which involves money changing hands. The treasurer informs the Vice President of all passwords, logins etc of any NEJETAA financial accounts. The treasurer also supports NEJETAA events as necessary.

3. Social Chair The Social Chair oversees the logistical planning of NEJETAA events, such as General Meetings, Nihongo Dakes, Shinnenkais, and Happy Hours. The Social Chair advertises upcoming events and works in coordination with other officers to recruit new members. He or she also collaborates with the Membership/Marketing Coordinator to develop activities to increase member participation after the annual membership survey. The Social Chair should attend at least half of all official NEJETAA events.

Run, run, run!

Please send your platform to Josephine at by June 1st.

Thanks, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

The Consulate General of Japan in Boston is seeking a highly motivated, team-oriented individual for the position of Cultural Assistant. This individual is primarily responsible for coordinating cultural exchange programs. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in U.S.-Japan relations and cultural exchanges. See link for a detailed listing of responsibilities.