The Executive Board


Giuliana Alfinito

Wakayama 2017-2018

Giuliana has been on the board since the spring of 2019. She focuses on organizing chapter events in the greater Boston area, building cross-chapter connections, and fostering relationships with local Japanese and JET-owned organizations. She loves karaoke, all things black sesame, and hopes to return to Japan someday to start her own travel business.


Vice President

Matthew Hall

Tochigi 1990-1993

New to the role of Vice President in 2022, Matthew brings enthusiasm and a long history of connection and experience with Japan to NEJETAA. Like his predecessors, he will provide support and leadership for initiatives to bring alum's back together as we emerge post-pandemic and help drive programs to attract great talent to become future JET members.



Jesse Sargent

Nagano 2006-2010

Jesse has been on the board since the spring of 2014. Jesse maintains our annual budget planning, maintenance of the bank account, and reimbursement for chapter expenses.

Social Chair

Adrian Vele

Hokkaido 2017-2020

Adrian joined the board in the autumn of 2022. As Social Chair, he oversees the logistical planning and marketing of all NEJETAA events. He brings a long history of event organizing and promotion from his years attending university in Kyushu, working in Europe, and from his time in Hokkaido where he served as the VP of HAJET. He loves onsen and skiing.

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Social Chair

Kathryn Adelson

Shizuoka City 2018-2022

Kathryn is new to the board in 2022, and manages event planning and member services as co-social chair. She loves cooking, making temari, and learning languages.


Membership Coordinator

Kayla Potter

Kochi 2012-2015

Kayla has been on the board since spring 2016. She maintains our membership list, welcomes new members, and focuses on


Web Master

Hannah McGrath

Tokyo 2015-2017

Hannah is a new addition to the board. She maintains our website and is responsible for designing newsletters and social media posts. Her one wish is to have convenience store onigiri and daifuku mochi on demand.