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AJET survey for alumni

2013 Spring Opinion Exchange surveys

Neetha Mony from AJET is seeking JET alumni feedback to help improve the JET Programme. Please take the latest survey! Results will be presented to CLAIR, MIC, MOFA, and MEXT at the Spring 2013 Opinion Exchange in May. 

Message from Neetha: 

First off, thank you for all the feedback with the Winter Opinion Exchange, which you can read more about on the National AJET website. For Spring OE, ALT alumni are eligible for 1 survey and CIR alumni for 2. Each survey will take about 15 min to complete and are open until Jan. 27. Thank you so much for keeping in touch and helping to improve the JET Programme. ^_^

All JET Alum survey

CIR Alum survey 

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