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Calling all former JETAA officers: Apply to be a Country Representative

JETAA USA has 3 Country Representative positions, and elections are just around the corner!  If you have served as a JETAA chapter officer for 1 or more years in the past, and  want to make a difference for the JETAA network on a national level, please email us so we can prepare paperwork and answer any questions.  It also comes with perks – beyond representing us at local area events, CR budget affords you the chance to go to the 2015 National Conference in Seattle!

All candidates must submit a platform by March 30 (Sunday), 2014. Details about running here.


Our very own Christina Omori,

has served as Country Representative for the past 2 years and has been an amazing resource to NEJETAA and other chapters across the country.  Highlights from her tenure include using her social media and web skills to keep us apprised of 

what is happening at the National level, being a major powerhouse and contributor to planning the JETAA USA Regional Conference in Boston, making strides toward building National Capacity with the working group, and much, much more.

Thank you, Christina, for your service as both Country Rep and 5 years as NEJETAA webmaster!!

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