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Cranes on the Square @ Copley Square (3/9/2014)

A message from Timothy Nagaoka, Japanese teacher in the Boston Public Schools. Come out and support “Cranes on the Square @ Copley Square”: an event to commemorate the third anniversary of the 3.11 Great Northeast Japan Earthquake and Tsunami this Sunday, March 9th from 11am to 4pm at Copley Square in Boston. Free and open to the public.

More information after the jump:

My name is Timothy Nagaoka, and I teach Japanese in the Boston Public Schools. I am working with the Department of Parks and Recreation in Boston, the Japanese Consulate and the Japan Society of Boston to organize an event called, “Cranes on the Square @ Copley Square” on Sunday, March 9th, to commemorate the third anniversary of the Great Northeast Japan Earthquake and Tsunami that struck Japan on March 11th, 2011.

“Cranes on the Square @ Copley Square” will take place on the plaza of Copley Square in Boston. The event is open to the public, and it is free to participate. The event is centered around an interactive display where passersby will participate in making paper cranes, which they will then add to the display. Cork Styrofoam panels will be placed on the plaza, and as the participants fold the paper cranes they will use skewers to stick the paper cranes onto the panels. As more people participate, the panels will fill with paper cranes. My students and other students studying Japanese in Boston will set up tables around the display to teach people how to make the paper cranes. The goal of the event is to get the public involved in an activity that will bring awareness to the tragedy that occurred in Japan three years ago. After the event, the paper cranes will be handed to the Japanese Consulate to have the paper cranes delivered to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I have posted a video on Youtube describing the event:

I organized the event last year to commemorate the second anniversary. The event was successful in involving the public in an activity that brought awareness to the tragedy that struck Japan. Twenty Boston Public School students volunteered to teach passersby on the heavily traveled plaza of Copley Square on how to fold paper cranes. Over 500 people participated in folding paper cranes to place on the plaza. We succeeded in making 1,030 paper cranes.

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