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Ebisuya Summer Festival Sale

The latest news from the owners of Ebisuya Japanese Market in Medford Square!

If you’re a long-time resident of Boston, you might remember a little Japanese bookstore named Sasuga that used to be in Porter Square. They closed some years ago, moving to a warehouse that processed online-only orders. Now the owner has moved again and completely closed the store, but they’ve passed a large amount of their Japanese manga to Ebisuya. So if you’re interested in acquiring some Japanese manga (in Japanese!), they’ve got plenty of new titles for sale (and some on sale).

Ebisuya will also be having a summer festival Sat. Aug. 4th. This might be a good time to pick up some reading material and satisfy that okonomiyaki craving you’ve been having!

Aug. 4 Saturday  11:00~3:00





Ebisuya Summer Festival Sale

Cotton candy, Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes), Hashed beef curry, games, Mini Lottery, and many sale items.

If you come wearing a Yukata, Kimono, or other traditional Japanese clothing you will be given a free cotton candy!

65 Riverside Ave.

Medford, MA 02155

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