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JET Q&A and Social Hour

STILL SEEKING VOLUNTEERS!! Help new JETs by answering their questions and sharing your words of wisdom (and stories!). If you can volunteer, for any amount of time, contact Susan Gill, at the Consulate General of Japan, Boston. (Contact info below). This Saturday at the Boston Children’s Museum.

 If you can’t make the event join us after (around 4:30/5) at Lucky’s Lounge (directions here) for a casual social hour! Chat with old friends and meet the new JETs!

Details about the even from Susan Gill: 


In a few days, on Saturday, June 28 we will be holding an Orientation for this year’s group of new JETs and we need your help!  The Orientation will be held at the Boston Children’s Museum, mainly in the 5th floor meeting spaces. An NEJETAA Social Hour will follow at Lucky’s Lounge!

The goal of Orientation is to give new JETs an idea of what they should do to prepare to move to Japan in early August.  What will they need to bring or leave behind?  What should they wear to work? Which things are better bought here or in Japan?  We will also give an introduction to Japanese-style living in the Boston Children’s Museum’s Japanese house (kyo no machiya).

This year, Tokyo-to will be accepting some JETs, including 12 from Boston.  If you have some experience living on your own in Tokyo (non-university / non-corporate budget) I’m sure Tokyo-bound JETs would appreciate your advice.

If you are interested in helping out, please email Susan Gill (s [dot] gill [at] bz [dot] mofa [dot] go [dot] jpwith the topics that you are willing and able to speak on and order of preference. While the Orientation lasts all day, you need only attend during the time of your presentation.  Some topics (especially the longer ones) can benefit from a pair of presenters.  Timing is flexible, but due to museum constraints, “Money and Banking” and “Living in the Japanese Style” [in the kyo no machiya] are presented first.  For these two topics, JETs are split into two smaller groups and each presentation is made twice.

WE STILL NEED VOLUNTEERS! Email Susan to let her know if you have any questions and to find out how you can help!

Money and Banking (45 minutes x 2) Living in the Japanese Style (45 minutes x2) Emergencies—(15 minutes) Omiyage — (20 minutes) Clothing—How to Dress & Regional Considerations—(25 minutes) Communications/Technology–(30 minutes) Teaching Materials —   (15 minutes) Japanese Language Learning – (15 minutes) Q&A Free-for-all/ Things That We Wished We’d Brought Medication & Baggage— (15 minutes)


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