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Learning Japanese with Nihongo Master

Posted by Ashley Thompson (Shizuoka-ken, 2008-10), Community Manager for Nihongo Master and editor of Surviving in Japan.

Staying motivated to learn Japanese can be a challenge for many of us, and for me this was especially true. So I was excited to to start working with Nihongo Master, a fun, online Japanese learning site that engages users with social interaction and gamification methods. As a JET I always tried to make learning English fun for my students, and I wanted to find a fun way to learn Japanese, too.

Nihongo Master has filled this gap, giving users the chance to unlock achievements and earn points as you learn and provides space to connect with other learners and practice Japanese in the community groups and weekly community chat. The lessons start out at the absolute beginner level and introductory lessons are free. If you’re farther along you can sign up for a premium subscription that lets you access all lessons, make study lists, build custom vocabulary drill lists, and download kanji writing practice sheets for US$12 a month. Nihongo Master offers a unique approach approach to language learning and worth checking out for those of you wanting to continue studying but who also want a little external motivation. 

Learn more about Nihongo Master here!

Twitter: @masternihongo

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