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May 2015 NEJETAA Elections – Call for Candidates!

Want to be more involved in NEJETAA? Want to strengthen your network in the Japanese community in New England?

We are asking for platforms of all interested candidates to be submitted for review by our membership. If you’re interested in joining the NEJETAA board, please submit a platform!

What we need:

*Less than 200 words *Self-introduction *What you want to accomplish in your time as an officer

Please don’t include any sensitive personal information (phone number, email, etc.), as your platform will be posted online for the membership to read. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just introduce yourself to everyone and tell us what you want to do! Check out platforms from last year’s elections here.

Members will be voting for Vice-President, Treasurer, and Social Chair. (Refer to officer duties listed below)

Positions are normally for a one year term, no term limits. Officers are expected to attend as many of the executive meetings (held as necessary) and general meetings per year as possible, with 50% attendance as a minimum.

Please send your platform to Tim at webmaster at nejetaa dot com BY Monday, May 18th. On Tuesday, May 19th, it will be published for the general membership to review and vote on by Wednesday. May 27th. 

Any questions? Contact Tim (webmaster [at] nejetaa [dot] com)

Thanks, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you! The NEJETAA Officers

Position Descriptions:

1. Vice-President

The VP provides both leadership and follow-through on projects planned during meetings, and makes sure that we are fulfilling all our obligations as a JETAA chapter.  In addition, the VP is the point person for any NEJETAA sub chapters in New England. Another important responsibility of the VP’s is to provide support to all the other officers. Specifically, this means: working with the membership/ marketing coordinator to increase and track membership; taking on the duties of the president when the president is unavailable; and balancing the powers of the treasurer by checking our bank account. Finally, the VP will prepare the agenda for all NEJETAA general and officer meetings.

2. Treasurer

The treasurer plans the annual budget in conjunction with all officers.  The treasurer oversees any and all grant requests.  The treasurer submits an initial grant request to MOFA in Februrary and to CLAIR in May, and follow up reports and receipt submissions to CLAIR in February and to MOFA quarterly.  The treasurer maintains and balances the bank account; collects receipts and writes checks for any chapter expenses, and deposits any checks received within two weeks. The treasurer oversees the obtaining of price quotes and reminds officers of the budget for specific activities.  The treasurer oversees any other account or platform (Paypal, etc.) which involves money changing hands.  The treasurer informs the Vice President of all passwords, logins etc of any NEJETAA financial accounts.  The treasurer also supports NEJETAA events as necessary.

3. Social Chair

The Social Chair oversees the logistical planning of NEJETAA events, such as General Meetings, Nihongo Dake’s, Shinnenkai’s, and Happy Hours. The Social Chair advertises upcoming events and works in coordination with other officers to recruit new members. He or she also collaborates with the Membership/Marketing Coordinator to develop activities to increase member participation after the annual membership survey. The Social Chair should attend at least half of all official NEJETAA events.

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