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May 2016 NEJETAA Officer Voting Open (~5/25)

  1. Each NEJETAA member is entitled to cast one ballot only.

  2. You have to option to vote for a single candidate or abstain for each position

  3. This poll will be open from its posting, until 11:59PM EDT on May 25th.

To be an eligible NEJETAA member (required to vote), you must:

  1. Be an alumnus/alumna of the JET Program

  2. Currently reside in the New England region (CT, RI, VT, NH, ME, or MA)

Read the Candidate Platforms Below:

Mike Buonadonna for Vice President Hi everyone, I’m Mike Buonadonna (Akita 2007 – 2009). I’ve been serving as interim Vice President for the past few months and am happy to continue being of service. On top of the day-to-day responsibilities as VP, a goal I will focus on is growing the value of NEJETAA for alumni. I’d like to see NEJETAA measurably help the new returners in moving to the next chapter in their careers, and also help the rest of us in achieving our various hopes and dreams. We do an excellent job of stoking interest among potential new JETs, and we’re making important steps in broadening NEJETAA to be less “Boston-centric”. I intend to keep those efforts going strong, and to open more opportunities for JET alumni to network and be recognized in the community – particularly in professional circles. We JETs have much to offer – New England must know!

Rachel Pauplis for Treasurer Hello, my name is Rachel Pauplis and I would like to run for the position of Treasurer.  I was an ALT in Yamaguchi-ken for 2 years and returned to the Boston area in August.  Having the network of other JET alumni helped ease my transition back into life here, and I have been an active member of NEJETAA ever since. I also value the role NEJETAA plays in connecting people with similar experiences in Japan and maintaining our connection with the greater Japanese community.

I have already been acting as interim Treasurer since December and would like to continue in the coming term.  As treasurer, I will do my best to handle all NEJETAA financial matters quickly and responsibly, help plan future events, and continue to be actively involved in the organization. Thank you for your consideration.

Eriko Stronach for Social Chair


My name is Eriko Stronach (Ehime from 2012-2015) and I am running for the Social Chair of NEJETAA. By hosting social events, I believe Social Chair provides opportunities for JET Alumni, Japanese community and people interested in Japanese culture to learn and experience Japanese culture. I would like to strengthen JETAA networking by hosting social events throughout the year to strengthen current and incoming JET alumni ties. Also, I would help facilitate several workshops and discussion events that reflect the interest of NEJETAA members during the year. I hope to form relations with Japan affiliated organizations throughout New England to organize events outside of Boston. In addition, I would be interested in improving connection between Japanese community and NEJETAA to help bridge US-Japan relations. I’m originally from Boston and I’ve attended one of the five colleges in Hampshire County in MA. I worked as an ALT in Ehime prefecture from 2012-2015. During my time on JET, I helped facilitate several international events as president of Ehime AJET and attained JLPT N1 level.

Kayla Potter for Social Chair


I’m Kayla Potter. Right after finishing undergrad, I spent three amazing years (2012-2015) in Aki City, Kochi Prefecture working at 7(!) elementary schools and 2 middle schools, and reveling in my classroom’s ocean views. After realizing that teaching was not my calling, I moved to Boston to once again become a student. I currently attend Lesley University. I would be honored to join the NEJETAA board as your new Social Chair! During my time on JET, I remember being frustrated at the number of events and connections I felt I was missing out on simply because I didn’t live in the capital city, which inevitably became the default location for social events. As Social Chair, my goal is to make NEJETAA more accessible to JET alum throughout New England by working with the NEJETAA Board to sponsor more events throughout the region. Additionally, I’d love to see NEJETAA Facebook page become a more active place for community, coordination, and discussion. I hope to meet each and every one of you in the coming year!

Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

Cast your vote now!

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