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MIT Cool Japan event 4/4 – Japan noise music scene

The next event for MIT Cool Japan:  an exciting opportunity to hear Prof. David Novak (UC Santa Barbara) speak about his forthcoming book on the Japan noise music scene, Thursday, 4/4, 5pm, Room 4-231, MIT.  FYI, he will also be giving a different talk at Boston University on 4/3 (Wed).  Info on both are below.

David is an ethnomusicologist and musician who has spent years exploring the bizarre and fascinating global underground movement around noise performances. Free and open to the public, reception to follow.  Please share with friends, colleagues, and students via lists, social media, etc.

MIT Cool Japan research project  & Comparative Media Studies present:

The Cultural Feedback of Noise

Prof. David Novak

UC, Santa Barbara

Thurs., April 4

5:00 – 7:00 PM 

Room 4-231, MIT (map)

free and open to public, reception to follow 

David is author of a forthcoming book Japanoise: Music at the Edge of Circulation

ABSTRACT:  Noise, an underground music made through an amalgam of feedback, distortion, and electronic effects, first emerged in the 1980s, circulating on cassette tapes traded between fans in Japan, Europe and North America. With its cultivated obscurity, ear-shattering sound, and over-the-top performances, Noise captured the imagination of a small but passionate transnational audience, despite remaining deeply underground.

How did the submergent circulations of Noise become such a compelling metaphor for the complexities of globalization, intercultural exchange and participatory media at the turn of the millennium? Novak will trace the “cultural feedback” of Noise through the productive distortions of its mediated networks: its recorded forms, technologies of live performance, and into the lives and creative practices of musicians and listeners.

BIO:  David Novak’s work deals with the globalization of popular music, media technologies, experimental culture, and social practices of listening. He is the author of recent essays in Public Culture, Cultural Anthropology, and Popular Music, as well as the book Japanoise: Music at the Edge of Circulation (Duke University Press, June 2013).

Sponsors: MIT Cool Japan, MIT Comparative Media Studies, MIT Foreign Languages & Literatures

Contacts:  fll-events at mit dot edu, Prof. Ian Condry, condry at

More info on Boston University talk below.

Hope to see you there!  



Ian Condry

Associate Professor, Head, Foreign Languages and Literatures

Director of Undergraduate Studies, Comparative Media Studies

MIT, Cambridge, MA 02139 USA

Ian’s NEW BOOK:  The Soul of Anime is OUT NOW. Read the Introduction free on or buy on Amazon


“Music, Media, and the Creative Destruction of Japanoise”

A lecture/book launch event at Boston University by 

David Novak 

Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology

University of Santa Barbara, California

Wednesday, April 3, 2013, 5-7 pm

CAS Room 116

Boston University

725 Commonwealth Ave, Boston MA

David’s forthcoming book Japanoise: Music at the Edge of Circulation (Duke University Press, 2013) traces the transnational development of the underground genre Noise in Japan and North America. His recent research focuses on the politics of sound in urban Japan, particularly the impact of noise regulations on public culture, both in antinuclear protests and among homeless and migrant labor communities in South Osaka.

Sponsored by

BU Center for the Studies of Asia

BU Department of Anthropology

BU Department of Musicology and Ethnomusicology

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