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Monday Mokusou

Hi - Matthew Hall here - New England JET Alumni Association president. Hope everyone is doing well!

I'm still somewhat/kinda relatively new in the position and we continue to transition to a new team, we connect when we can and trust me, we are working to get our geta on the ground so we can be running full steam.

The team has had a few meetings and we are closing on the various activities and ideas that we would like to accomplish this year. We hope to have the calendar populated with a handful of Japan / Japanese-related activities in the very near future. If anyone has any specific ideas that they would be interested in seeing organized and even participating with, please feel free to let us know!

Who is the Us/We I am referring to?

You can check out the current board by visiting the OFFICERS page here. You will see that there are a couple of positions open so if you have any interest in getting connected and more involved with this alumni chapter, please feel free to reach out and contact me anytime at!

I will also do my best to keep the "Monday Mokusou" series coming out on each Monday - It will be something random, different each week and who knows...? It might be about some new Japanese trend, language studies or how about this for a 1st entry:

Top 6 Best Onsen in Japan

Surely that is a subjective use of the word "Best" but it comes from a website that I recently came across:

Check the article out - have you been to any of the onsen's listed on that page? Do you have a personal fave onsen that you recommend - and if "hai" - why? And for the onsen fans out there, and without GooglePeeking:

  • What is the minimal temperature of the water to be officially considered an onsen?

Answer will be in next week's Monday Mokusou / 月曜日の黙想



Full disclosure: I 💘 onsen!

Interesting links:

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