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Need Japanese speaking volunteers for NASA Hackathon

Every year, NASA sponsors a global (100 cities from 6 continents) hackathon called the international space apps challenge(ISAC). This year, Boston join this event first time, at the Cambridge Innovation Center on April 12 and 13. This year’s challenges fall into 5 areas: human spaceflight, technology in space, robotics, asteroids, and Earth watch.

In this hackathon, there are 2~3 teams which will be remotely collaborating with a team in Tokyo. This Boston-Tokyo mix team is supported by the Japanese consulate, and will have Japanese media coverage.

We are looking for 2~3 software engineers or data scientists to join these teams. Kick off meeting with Tokyo team will be held 3/29 20:00~23:00 EST at MIT.

Also, we need people who can speak some elementary Japanese to volunteer at the event. Its a great way to practice your new language skills. If you are interested, please email: info at SpaceAppsBoston dot org or erico dot ni at gmail dot com

For more information, visit :

NASA International Space Apps Challenge (ISAC) Main :

NASA International Space Apps Challenge (ISAC) Boston local :

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