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Opportunity: TOMODACHI Leadership Program deadline 4/11

The TOMODACHI leadership program for young professionals (target age is 35 years or younger) is in their final days of accepting applications. They hope to recruit two quality applicants from the Boston area.

This is a unique opportunity for young professionals, especially those who contribute to the local economy through their business or government work, who would be interested in an opportunity to join a 10-person delegation from the States and visit Japan. 

All costs are covered through the generous contribution of Mitsui & Co., and it’s a terrific way for either someone with an interest in Japan to build their knowledge or to find leaders (future or current) who would benefit from learning more about Japan to increase their global outlook.   We are not recruiting Japan specialists per se.

Please find the letter from United States Ambassador to Japan, Caroline B. Kennedy, and U.S.-Japan Council President, Irene Hirano Inouye along with detailed information about this year’s program below.

More details are also available through this link:

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