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Nov. 2013 Elections are now open!

NEJETAA elections are now open for President, Membership Coordinator, Communications Coordinator/Webmaster.

Please cast your votes ONLINE here on our website: by 6pm Wed. Nov. 6th. (As a reminder, we’ll have a General Meeting that day, at 6pm, so you may vote in person if you prefer.) The voting section will appear on the right side of the page after you login with your username and password.

Click the “read more” section below to access voting instructions. To vote, you need to be a registered user on our site (just takes a minute to sign up!).

General Meeting: Also, NEJETAA officers and alumni are meeting up at the Bourbon Coffee in Porter Square on Wed. No. 6 at 6pm to say goodbye to our departing officers and welcome the new ones! Please RSVP to Brian at membership at nejetaa dot com if you’d like to join us. We’ll provide some snacks and we’ll talk about our upcoming events: a ramen outing, networking or trivia, and a ski trip! Agenda is here.


You will have the chance to vote for or against new NEJETAA chapter bylaws. Please view the new bylaws here and the old bylaws here

PLATFORMS Brian Peckrill for President

Hello! My name is Brian Peckrill and please accept this platform for the President of the New England JET Alumni Association. Over the past two years, I have been actively involved with NEJETAA as the Membership Coordinator. In this position, I have spearheaded various initiatives to enhance communications and membership campaigns. In 2010, with the help of our Webmaster, NEJETAA transitioned away from Yahoo! Groups to Mailchimp, while unveiling an annual membership survey. Our new CRM and survey have been invaluable tools in learning what programming to provide to New England’s JET Alumni base. With such information, NEJETAA was able to shift away from traditional Japanese classes and is currently planning a Japanese Culture symposium.

As President of NEJETAA, I hope to maintain, and grow the relationships NEJETAA has fostered with other Boston-based Japan groups under previous presidents. Additionally, as NEJETAA gears-up to host the 2014 JETAA Regional Conference, I will lean on my vast knowledge of JETAA to guarantee that NEJETAA is ready and equipped to represent our chapter in its best light possible. It was an honor serving as NEJETAA’s Membership Coordinator in 2012 & 2013, and I hope to have the opportunity to continue as President in 2014.

Matt Castle for Membership Coordinator

Hello Everyone.

My name is Matt Castle and I’m running for the position of Membership Coordinator. I was a ALT in Yamanashi-Ken from 2011-2013 and I’m running for the position of Membership Coordinator. As Membership Coordinator I’ll build on the work that Brian has done over the past two years in improving NEJETAA’s outreach and membership numbers. Vital to achieving this are your opinions and thoughts, which I’ll listen to and bring to the Board.

As Membership Coordinator I plan to find ways to make our membership more inclusive and able to have more events throughout New England. I want us to make more use of the wonderful region in which we live, and to provide an increasing diversity of events to you. My first major plan as Membership Coordinator will be to create and then distribute a survey to the membership asking you what your interests are, what types of activities you’d like to see more of and what you want see less of. I’ll then present the results to the Board and this will be used to help guide future planning of events.

Sincerely, Matt Castle

Bill Zagata for Membership Coordinator

 Hello, my name is Bill Zagata and I would like to be the next Membership Coordinator for the NEJETAA.  I spent three years living and working in Toyama-ken as an Assistant Language Teacher and have been fortunate to live and work in Japan after the JET Programme.  As the next Membership Coordinator, I look forward to working with the incoming President and committee chairs to strengthen the network of JET alumni in New England.   As we will host the 2014 JETAA Regional Conference, I plan on working closely with the other officers to organize a successful conference with the intent of increasing active membership and improving overall membership management for our chapter.

In addition to engaging the new 2014 JET participants and returnees, I would like to reach out to former participants that may have fallen off the radar but are still in the area as well as business leaders that maintain a connection to Japan.  I will be proactive in creating varied and interesting opportunities for alumni to interact with Japanese speakers through organized language and cultural classes or exchanges.

Thank you for your consideration and the opportunity to be your next Membership Coordinator.

Tim Ogino for Communications Coordinator/Webmaster

Hello everyone. My name is Tim Ogino, and I am running for the position of Communications Coordinator/Webmaster. My philosophy about our communications is short and sweet: informative, prompt, and relevant.

I think that using Mailchimp is an effective and clean way to deliver updates to the membership, and I would continue to use that platform in addition to social media. In my past experience as Director of D.C.’s largest student-run math and science outreach program, I have experimented with and used several different mail delivery methods including Mailchimp. I also created and implemented a new mailing system that provided informational updates to membership about upcoming events and opportunities.

My main goal for the year would be to improve the website as a go to resource of restaurants, shops, events, and opportunities in the Japan-US community in New England. My prefecture’s website,, has been praised by JETs from all over Japan as a great all-around professional and lifestyle resource, and I would explore adapting some of its elements and interactivity to our website.

I’m always open to suggestions and would be happy to discuss any ideas to improve our web-presence, social media, and communications!

Thank you for your consideration.


 VOTING INSTRUCTIONS: for registered members

Visit and login on the bottom left corner. Click “Forgot login?” if you can’t remember your username or password and it will be resent to you. After you’ve logged in, on the right side you will see the voting/polling area. Please select the candidate(s) you wish to vote for.

While you’re logged in, please take a moment to update your profile. In the left column, click “Your Profile” in the “User Menu” box (3rd from the top). Then select “Edit” –> “Update your profile” –> “Contact Info”. Please update your JET town and prefecture and your dates on JET if you haven’t already. This allows us to verify voter authenticity as JETs and also so we can differentiate between spammers and real NEJETAA-ers!

VOTING INSTRUCTIONS: for unregistered members

Visit and click “Register” in the bottom left corner and fill out the registration profile. You’ll receive a confirmation email and then after confirming you can return to the site and login. You’ll see the on the right side the voting/polling area. 

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