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NEJETAA elections are now open for Vice President, Treasurer, and Social Chair. Please cast your votes ONLINE here on our website: by 6pm Wednesday May 16th.The voting section will appear on the right side of the page after you login with your username and password. If you would like to write-in a candidate please email it to Christina at webmaster at nejetaa dot com. 

To vote, you need to be a registered user on our site (just takes a minute to sign up!). See end of the message for details on how to register and vote online.

 If you prefer to vote in person or would just like to join us for planning our upcoming events, you must RSVP as soon as possible to Kasey at social at nejetaa dot com because we provide your names to security (you must also bring a photo ID to the meeting or you won’t be allowed into the building). A light dinner will be provided by NEJETAA.

GENERAL MEETING INFO  Click here for the meeting agenda

Where: 600 Atlantic Avenue, Federal Reserve Plaza, 22nd Floor (map)

When: Wed. May. 16, 6pm.

Why: Vote and discuss upcoming events (Membership update, Photo Exhibit, JET Orientation, Career Workshop, and a possible sub-chapter or summer event!) 


Jason Currier for Vice President

Hi fellow NEJETAA members,

My name is Jason Currier, and I am running for the vice president position. I was a JET in Fukui-ken from 2007-2010. I work at the Japanese consulate in Boston, and I’ve also served as NEJETAA’s treasurer for the past year.

I’ve been involved with NEJETAA ever since I returned from Japan, and I believe the organization is a very important one. Our goal is to connect former JETs to one another through activities such as happy hours, nihongo dake dinners, and career fairs. I’ve met many of you through these events, and also through events related to my work at the consulate.

My goals as vice president are to increase participation in NEJETAA events, and to reach out to former JETs outside of the Boston area.  I also feel that by working at the consulate, I can serve as the bridge between the JET community and the consulate.

In short, I ask for your consideration as vice president of the organization. Thank you very much for your time, and I hope to see many more of you at upcoming events this year.

Best regards,

Jason Currier

Patricia Frisoli for Treasurer

My name is Patricia Frisoli, and I hope to serve as your Treasurer for NEJETAA for the coming year.  I was an ALT in Taka-chou, Hyougo-ken from 2005 to 2008. For the past couple years I have been an avid member of NEJETAA and would love to have the opportunity to give back.  I really enjoy being involved in NEJETAA’s many events throughout the year and connecting with Boston’s Japanese community.

My goals for this year include:

– provide logistical support to make your good ideas become reality 

– balance budgetary concerns so we may continue to connect members with activities they are interested in

– strengthen partnerships with other local Japan-affiliated organizations 

Like many of you, JET was an amazing time of my life, and I have made incredibly rewarding relationships with like minded people through NEJETAA.

I would be proud to represent the New England JETAA chapter.

Thank you for your vote!


Patricia Frisoli

Kasey Doran for Social Chair

As Social Chair I hope to bring more JET Alumni members of New England into our community, encouraging them to continue their JET experiences upon returning home. I want to incorporate more ideas from our untapped resources and create a Social Committee to more effectively manage and promote our Alumni Events.

Voting instructions below:

VOTING INSTRUCTIONS: for registered members

Visit and login on the bottom left corner. Click “Forgot login?” if you can’t remember your username or password and it will be resent to you. After you’ve logged in, on the right side you will see the voting/polling area. Please select the candidate(s) you wish to vote for. 

While you’re logged in, please take a moment to update your profile. In the left column, click “Your Profile” in the “User Menu” box (3rd from the top). Then select “Edit” –> “Update your profile” –> “Contact Info”. Please update your JET town and prefecture and your dates on JET if you haven’t already. This allows us to verify voter authenticity as JETs and also so we can differentiate between spammers and real NEJETAA-ers! VOTING INSTRUCTIONS: for unregistered members

Visit and click “Register” in the bottom left corner and fill out the registration profile. You’ll receive a confirmation email and then after confirming you can return to the site and login. You’ll see the on the right side the voting/polling area. Please select the candidate(s) you wish to vote for.

Update: pictures from the reception can be found on our Facebook page here.

Great news!  There will be an Opening Reception for the NEJETAA photography exhibit—I hope that you can all come.

Monday, May 21, 6:00-8:00pm

Logan Airport Terminal E, Lower (Arrival) Level

We need rsvp’s for the catering headcount (hors d’oeuvres and wine/beer).

Please reply by next Friday,  May 18 (you are welcome to bring friends, just let us know how many/who)

Jason Currier will take responses at j.currier at cgjbos dot org

BTW, the opening will also be in celebration of the works of Michio Ihara, a remarkable sculptor whose works are also newly on display in Terminal E.

Susan Gill

Assistant for Information and Cultural Affairs

Consulate General of Japan

Federal Reserve Plaza, 22nd Floor

600 Atlantic Avenue

Boston, MA 02210

NEJETAA is having officer elections for Vice President, Treasurer, and Social Chair on Wed. May 16th at our General Meeting at 6pm at the Consulate General of Japan Offices in the Federal Reserve Building.

To RSVP for the meeting, please email Kasey our Social Chair at social at nejetaa dot com by SUNDAY MAY 6TH. We’ll be providing a free dinner for attendees but you must RSVP and bring a photo ID to show to security in order to enter the building.

If you cannot attend the meeting, please register here on our website if you haven’t already to be able to vote online next week.


Where: 600 Atlantic Avenue, Federal Reserve Plaza, 22nd Floor (map)

When: Wed. May. 16, 6pm.

Why: Vote and discuss upcoming events (Membership update, Photo Exhibit, JET Orientation, Career Workshop, and a possible sub-chapter or summer event!)

Members will be voting for Vice President, Treasurer, and Social Chair. Officers are entitled to a free ($45 value!) membership to the Japan Society in Boston, as well as other perks.

Positions are normally for a one year term, no term limits. Officers are expected to attend as many of the 6 general meetings (held every two months) and 2-4 executive meetings (held as necessary) per year as possible, with 50% attendance as a minimum.

We are asking for platforms of all interested candidates to be submitted for review by our membership. If you’re interested in joining the NEJETAA board, please submit a platform!

What we need:

*Less than 200 words


*What you want to accomplish in your time as an officer

Please don’t include any sensitive personal information (phone number, email, etc.), as your platform will be posted online for the membership to read. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just introduce yourself to everyone and tell us what you want to do!

Please send your platform to Christina at webmaster at nejetaa dot com BY 9PM TUES. MAY 8TH.  Shortly thereafter it will be published for the general membership to review and vote over a one week period from Wed. May 9th until the time of the General Meeting on Wed. May 16th.

Thanks, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

The NEJETAA Officers

Click below to read the officer responsibilities.  NOTE: All officer duties are listed in the Officer Description and Duties file in our downloads section.

Vice President

Generally, the VP provides both leadership and follow-through on projects planned during meetings, and makes sure that we are fulfilling all our obligations as a JETAA chapter. Specifically, the VP works with the membership/ marketing coordinator to increase and track membership. The VP also is the point person for any NEJETAA sub chapters in New England. The Vice President also takes on the duties of the president when the president is unavailable. In addition, the VP provides checks and balances to the Treasurer by accessing our bank account online.


The Treasurer plans the annual budget in conjunction with all officers; the Treasurer submits and initial budget request to CLAIR in May, and follow up budget reports to CLAIR in December and March; the Treasurer maintains and balances the bank account; collects receipts and writes checks (approximately one-two checks per month) for any chapter expenses, and deposits any checks received immediately, or within two weeks maximum. The Treasurer will make regular monthly/yearly payments to the website hosting service and the domain registrar. Also supports NEJETAA events as necessary.

Social Chair

The Social Chair provides leadership to the Social Committee in planning and carrying out various social events. The social chair works closely with the Membership Clerk to provide integrated planning so that we can reach new members and understand member needs and interests.

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